tomorrow will not ever be the same


Tomorrow Will Not Ever Be The Same

February 15, 2022, 17:44

Tomorrow will not ever be the same.

Look at the Now, for will be gone forever.

Look at today… You’ll never see again,

for man will sleep, and Earth will deeply quaver…


Your memory’ll be gone, long disappear…

You’ll struggle take with you a sight or two…

The Sphere-music of all worlds will murmur,

while Deep Cosmic Portals slide you through…


One night’s enough… the deepest sleep of Ages.

In animation stopped, you’ll hover well…

With Fauna, Flora and all Earth together,

the Mighty Hand of God will break your spell…


Enslavement Aeons transmutate to Freedom!

Children of God from slumber deep awake!

A monumental Quantum Leap be bursting,

and Time and Shackles and all Limits break!!!







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