We arrived on your beautiful shores


We Arrived On Your Beautiful Shores

February 17, 2022, 11:17


We arrived on your beautiful shores,

after two hundred six millions years!…

We conquered the vastness of space,

to reach ancestral cradle and ores…


We salute you in Love, Earth Shan Gaia!

We, your children of old are now Home!…

It’s your Glory we praise and we cherish,

on this wondrous and FREE now, your dome!


Tenderly we embrace your old body.

Face on sand, hear your Mother heart beat…

Yes… All hardship and pain over Aeons

in Akasha the Records are writ…


We salute in Agartha all brothers!

Aeons long of new Freedom we’ll build!

Peace we’ll have, as Almighty created,

in Great Sovereignty, woman, man, kid!


We bring Love back, replace all the tears…

We ignite Freedom, in new Golden Age!

On your shores we arrived, your right children!

Divine Fire has burnt every cage!!!




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