Knock Off The Tables!


Knock Off The Tables!

November 1st, 2022, 23:01


Reverse the Tide! Reverse the Tide! Reverse the Tide!

The man of Earth jumped into 6th Dimension.

All raptors and invaders uncreated,

Done is the Earth, and done is all Creation!


Knock off the tables! Turn the tables over!

Era of usury and theft is gone!

Man is now FREE, and Love rules over Earth.

In Happiness he sings his New Rebirth!


Created was this lovely Earth by FATHER.

How can you ever steal His Godly works?

How long can you neglect, trample His ruling,

and kill His wondrous humans into Borgs?


Beware! FATHER ordered Tide turn over.

Reversal and Renewal is the Word.

The Liberation Sign He gave in Power!

Ignited Truth Explosion with His Sword!




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