The Pledge


The Pledge

November 3rd, 2022, 11:03


Through the fog of lost times, I remember,

You called us, Your Warriors, strong…

The strongest, courageous, determined,

restore Earth where in Truth she belongs!


Animated by Love, droves were coming

to pledge High Allegiance: Save Earth!

We trembled, in Loving Compassion,

to bring, Man and Earth, New Rebirth!


Again and again came the Heroes…

We forgot, through the Aeons of fog…

Killed in wars, maimed, enslaved, handicapped,

tortured, beaten, with boots ground-trod!…


Where are now, we, Great Warriors Wondrous???

How we stick in the morass and bleed?

How could this possibly happen to humans,

fall in trance and forget Holy Creed?


Yes. The waves have destroyed our mind.

Yes. The air has polluted our breath.

Knowingly, fields and gardens were poisoned,

thousand illnesses bring, and bring death!


Battered, lost and confused is the human.

Weak, injected with poison, to die.

Murdered, millions, yet unable,

see, how monstrously lied — see the LIE!


I have said it one time. Do, remember:

Frantic circus stops now. Stop man’s kill.

Uncreated you are. Nullified.

For none rules, but God’s One, Divine Will!




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