Is The Time Now?


Is The Time Now?

November 4, 2022, 12:04


The Time is NOW, Warriors like to say.

Is the time NOW?

Guess my Father and I know how far is NOW stretching!…


For it was always NOW,

for some Aeons and more,

quite in spite of all loving and apt ever teaching…


When you see in the night,

on the Paradise Isle,

Father dancing a waltz high, up, high,


In His Godly, huge Joy,

with His lions in arms…

Know, for sure, the NOW Time is nigh!…


For all flowers were stretching

their neck high, and birds,

and His butterflies stunned in surprise,


That, Himself, Father Wondrous,

gave such Royal a Treat,

in High Joy, that the Earth will NOW rise!!!


Ach!!!…You should have seen Father,

turning His Waltz in Skies,

in His Infinite Joy and His Love,


And you’ll Know in your Heart,

that The Time is right NOW!!!

For God’s TRUTH He released from above!…




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