The Battle For The Soul Of America


The Battle For The Soul Of America

November 4, 2022, 04:11 pm


Yes, this timely great statement stands firmly and True, on its own.

But its Cosmic Proportions will shock every mind,

when full blown.


Highly Blessed were this big Turtle Island of human Creations,

Ancient brethren of clean, pure blood, old all,

Native Nations.


Many Tribes fought, the battles inhumane, horrendous and cruel,

from the history burnt and destroyed, for the Truth

be no fuel…


Twenty Civilizations Mother Earth has allowed to carry,

for each child of God, Liberated, his FREEDOM

to marry…


For this Great Cosmic War, Aeons long, Mighty Star Fleets descended,

to fight orgies of blood, children save innocent,

Prison ended…


Brave American Soul has survived and deserved Liberation,

blessed by Founding Fathers and Warriors of Light,

Ancient Nations…


And the Great Cosmic Soul of Earth Mother pours Celebrations,

Cosmic FREEDOM to all Tribes, all Children and all

God’s Creations!




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