Time’s Up!


Time’s Up!

November 6, 2022, 23:06


Not, that we expected

the Battle be light!

The strongest of strongest

knew, it will be hard.


Hearts bleeding in sadness,

our tears can’t cease…

None of ours could fathom

such insane disease…


In the Light Realms there isn’t

evil, this bitter taste;

Yet, on this monstrous level

none saw it manifest!


It’s a slap in the face?

It’s a stab of a knife?

All we see, is destroying

all we knew to be Life…


Abused and imprisoned,

disproved and rebuffed,

from birth knowingly murdered,

of all sanity robbed…


It goes far, with no limits.

Cruel, over expance.

It denies all Creation

of its Beingness sense…


The measure is full…

Liberated the ‘cattle’!

The Time’s Up for TRUTH,

and the Ultimate Battle!




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