November 7, 2022, 23:07


The heavy, final curtain

of the last Cosmic Cycle

is now ready to fall.


I now end of all darkness,

by My Will and Desire,

on your Little Blue Ball.


All My Prophets I sent you,

all My Sons sent, have warned

to prepare and know,


That your Earth Shan determines

when she turns on her axis —

All at once, with a blow!


In your hard Tribulations

Truth is hidden the deepest!

So, try hear and see!…


Reject lower temptations,

wash your heart, to be pure,

and in My Light to be!


Be bold and determined.

Stand strong in My Truth.

Get off sleep and your trance!


The Great Changes are sounding!

I’ll command Suns and Planets

start your Liberty Dance…


Take the hand of your brethren:

It is My Hand, I offer,

lead again thee to Me, at thy Home!


Turn not Messengers Mine!

Deny not these My Words!

I’M thy God, come back under My Dome!




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