easy they murder us!


Easy They Murder Us!

November 16, 2021, 15:15


Easy they murder us!

Like none of us bother!

“Chattle” they call us! We,

like cattle go to slaughter!


They call us “useless eaters”.

And we eat all they say!!!

Even baby cadavers

mc’donalds puts on trey…


Oh! Did I turn your stomach?

Dis I shake you awake?

Wait, for the fake beef coming,

and locusts as a shake!


Go ahead, put a question!

How many years, still,

for Lords you take your killers,

and trust their monstrous drill?…


Why let your wondrous children

be murdered with “vaccine”?

Don’t you know, God is perfect,

and perfect all His Kin?


Why take their lies for real?

Why sacrifice your lives?

How millions to die, still,

to see their hidden knives?


It’s true, they keep you dizzy,

till own all that you have!

But, hear, the Trumpets sound!

Your time, the Earth to save!…


Sleep not! You lose Momentum!

For Aeons Father planned

save you from dark enslavement,

prison for innocent!


STOP! your killers, you Humans!

Do remember your Force!

Is in your Heart He’s dwelling,

Allmighty Universe!!!




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