We call onto Your Grace and mercy


We Call Onto Your Grace And Mercy

November 16, 2021, 17:17


We call onto Your Grace and Mercy!

With all hands to Heavens we call.

We call brothers and sisters to join,

from all Space and Tiny Dot Ball!…


We are Your beloved little children.

Your Holy Sons, born of Your Heart!

We came down to Earth from Your Heavens,

our brothers to save, and save Earth!


We call onto Your Grace and Mercy!

Depleted are we, in this Fight…

This final, last battle we managed

by Your strength and Your Mighty Light!


Oh, Father!…Send Your Grace and Mercy!

Destruction we feel to the bone…

Invincible in You, yet just Humans,

in fight with steal robots and clone…


Have Grace and have Mercy, Oh, Father!…

They suck our force, our blood…

Wash mightily Earth, dissolve darkness,

with powerful thunder and flood…


We came to an end, dear Father!

We call on Your Mercy and Grace…

This last moment, Last Battle, do save us,

Light us all with Your Radiant Face!…




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