Look at us!


Look At Us!

November 16, 2021, 11:11


Look at us, trembling in this cage for Aeons!

Imprisoned on this planet so pristine!

From our brothers cut and isolated,

from Father’s worlds Divine, from Father’s Kin!


Look at us, muzzled up and heads all hanging!

The breathing air, even, stole from us.

Our water poisoned, that we die more quickly,

and portioned, like for every cow and ass!


In vain I scream to you, too deep you’re sleeping…

From head to foot are hypnotized we all…

Controlled from face and eyes and skin and voices,

and raped of blood, as our babes start crawl…


Awake! Awake!! Awake!!! My holy brothers!

There is a Father, and He born us Free!!!

Cut short the Aeons! Swords of Light be crushing

all tyrant raptors! Save this Earth to Be!




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