Whole family of sparrows


Whole Family Of Sparrows

Sunday, August 1st, 2021, 21:11


Whole family of sparrows,

fluffy and sweet,

flapping quickly, so wondrous,

gave me a treat.


About nine small creatures,

so cute and sweet,

Father chose, in His humour

and Love, a treat…


I won’t tell you their sweetness.

You won’t believe.

Don’t we all move through wonders

nobody sees?


In big wide world first visit

out of nest.

The young were trembling, shiver,

to pass the test.


There was fiery chirping!

Low voices, high.

The young learned chasing insects

while in fly!


But they were too excited!

Vibrating, quick,

still waited for the parents

to feed small beak!


What a sweet trip in nature!

In mighty flight,

big family of sparrows

swirled, flapped in light!




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