Intelligence is of Spirit


Intelligence Is Of Spirit

Sunday, August 1st, 2021, 21:00


Intelligence is of Spirit.

Wear culotte à l’enverse?

Stand on your turban daily?

Spirit heads Universe.


You stole Books of Creation.

You betrayed and you’ve run.

Bragging you told your fellows,

you’ll push Father from throne!


See, you forgot the Spirit.

You never can create.

You are a dead-man-walking.

A failure, the wrong fate.


All Wisdom is of Spirit.

You cannot run and steal

the Process of Creation,

His whole Art and Skill…


All Power is of Spirit.

How stupid to pretend,

you can replace your Father,

with no clue till the end!


Intelligence is Spirit.

The Conscience of all Life.

His Spirit is all Secret

of Happiness and thrive!




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