the Heavens Armada


The Heavens Armada

June 11, 2022, 11:11


That Great Heavens Armada,

from the High Realms of Light,

in a mighty performance took place,


In the pure sky of blue,

high above over heads,

so magnificent and so full of Grace…


Sun was still in full force,

there were millions of ships,

of our brothers and sisters, in Love,


Came to help enslaved humans,

the Salvation Plan fulfill,

all the way through the Cosmos above…


That Great Cosmic Armada

declaration of Might,

filled each corner of sky in perfection,


For but once comes The Fight

of Alliance in God,

for the Earth and for man Liberation…


From the millions space craft

you could feel Love pulsate,

and embraces, and Joy, and stretched hands,


Sent us brothers below,

New Jerusalem ship,

hovering over Earth wondrous lands…


Sun prepared for setting,

painting all crafts in orange,

yellow, reddish, magnificent hues,


In explosions of colour

High Alert was announced,

giving greatest Armada all cues…


Through the mighty expanses

of this Unit of Hosts,

manifest was the Power of Love,


This Earth darkness last hour,

overwhelmed by Love Power,

one Full Cosmos United above…




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