The State of the Union 2020

  The State of The Union 2020 United States of America Capitol, Washington, District of Columbia, February 4, 2020   . GEORGE @TheCollectiveQ AMERICA FIRST Department of State @StateDept February 4, 2020 President @realDonaldTrump: “We must keep America first in our hearts. We must keep freedom alive in our souls.” . . A Storm Approaches… […]

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Britain Exit

  Britain Exit January 31, 2020   “On that day, long ago in 1559,… a dark, black-hearted fantasy was born within the reprehensible rituals performed at Queen Elizabeth I’s coronation. For over 450 years, many human souls on this world have placed faith in and trusted as truth the illegitimate, fanciful and patently demonic charade […]

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New Sacred Laws

  New Sacred Laws   New Sacred Laws  are now written in Heaven.   All the ties are cut loose to the past.   All dark ages dissolved and defeated.   Get up, man! Golden Age blows a blast! . . .

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La Tour Eiffel

  La Tour Eiffel, Paris, France Big marches for Liberty, January 24, 2020   En raison du mouvement de grève national, je suis fermée aujourd’hui. Mon parvis reste néanmoins accessible gratuitement. Due to a national strike, I’m closed today. Access to my esplanade remains open and free of charge.#tourEiffel #EiffelTower 9:49 AM – Jan 24, […]

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Ships by the Sun

  Ships by the Sun   . . . MColvinHill March18, 2020. “The BATTLE is real in the skies above!” . Gina Maria Colvin Hill 16 March, 2020 **There is a HUGE Ship on the Stereo Ahead Cor2  Gina Maria Colvin Hill March 11, 2020 **I did a LIVE video of the starship/celestial being in […]

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Today New Light is Shining!

  Today New Light Is Shining! January 1st, 2020, 11:22   Today New Light is shining! The Sun is laughter, all. His joyful face, He turned it, On Tiny-Dot-Gaia Ball!   Make no mistake! Our planet now bathes in Love and Joy! No hidden plot is working! Undone all darkness ploy!   For Light is […]

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Cosmic Awareness: 2020 Message

  Cosmic Awareness: New Year Message 2020 December 29, 2019   Will Berlinghof B.A.  Callista Summerfield Berlinghof . Cosmic Awareness Christmas Message 2019 . Cosmic Awareness: Be The Discerning Warrior 13 January, 2020   . Cosmic Awareness We Are Now On A Positive Timestream 26 January, 2020   . Cosmic Awareness Under the Microscope 11 […]

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