Welcome to Universe!


Welcome To Universe!

February 25, 2022, 22:22


Welcome to Universe! See, how simply that goes?

You look up to the sky, to the Spheres…

Then your brothers start talking to you,

your heart warms, and you drop all your fears…


You know their language from cradle.

Your heart can feel through their Love.

They, your brothers from shiny Pleiades

greet you Joyful from higher Octave…


Feel, how Timelines have shifted and changed?

See the end of the long tribulations?

They see, too. and through Ages have longed,

come together in great Celebrations!


Is Marciella! From ship Aurora.

Sweetly smiles at you from the skies…

All her crew and all brothers and sisters,

welcome you, start your new lovely lives!


Welcome to Universe! Are they calling.

You are Free now! To end goes your fight!

We embrace you in Joy overwhelming,

greet you back in the Spheres of Light!…



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