Roses scent in the air


Roses Scent In The Air

February 26, 2022, 19:44


You feel too, roses scent in the air?…

Is Eternity taking a breath?

Is the Universe, opening mighty,

welcome us, Victors upon dark and death?


It feels, the Last Battle, our Heroes accomplished.

It feels, the blessed Moment of Wonder has come.

Holding the Space in all Love Unconditioned,

children of God feel like wars are all done!


Today Light of Sun was resplendent in power.

Mother Earth sung all flowers to spring!

In full grace the first butterfly drunk all

the best nectar in violet ring…


Yes, Eternity sounds its renewal!

Yes, the Star Fleet dress up for the feast!

Roses scent is enchanting the air,

over worlds, South, North, West and East…


Ages long…lost all hope we will witness

PEACE, in Glory her roses reverse…

LIBERTY, dancing, laughing and singing,

JOY, and FREEDOM of all Universe!!!…




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