Just take a magnifying glasS!


Just Take A Magnifying Glass!

Sunday, February 27, 2022, 14:44


Just take a magnifying glass and see!

Ask it show you the Truth, just as it is!

A shock tornado overturns the world,

wild oceans will be squashing up all breeze…


Go, see Elizabeth the First turn tides.

See vast resources of the East be stolen.

See diamonds robbed in brazen acts of greed,

and peaceful humans forced as slaves, all fallen…


See now Napoleon in Waterloo:

A shameless lie sunk all the world in debt!

Two hundred years to our marrow, knives

in wars, starvation, poverty all kept!…


We’ve been deceived in shameless, abject actions.

Our mind was penetrated with Big lies!

We are controlled by waves into submission,

while robbed to blood, throughout all our lives…


We came for the Salvation of the world.

Open your heart to Truth! Open your Heart!

Dark Age is over! Grab your Sword of Light,

and slash full force, for Age of Truth to start!




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