what Of Father’s surprise in the sleeves?


What Of Father’s Surprise In The Sleeves?

Sunday, February 27, 2022, 15:55


Have you dug a bit deeper the surface?

What did your magnifying glass tell you?

What, if Father in His sleeves has a shocking

surprise…and you don’t have a clue?


How, through ages, the Russians were murdered?

Who, in Truth, has invaded and slaved?

Ask the nations of world, sacrificed,

how the millions of lives they have paid?


Hypnotized you glaze your movie boxes…

Better close them and listen in you!

For you carry all knowing to save you,

show you pure, immaculate True…


Weigh what’s Rightfully done to Mankind.

Do not fall for the lies. They are mean.

Judge who tramples Divine Laws of Freedom,

and who hides evil deeds under skin!


What of Father’s Surprise in the Sleeves?

Only ONE IS, that heads Universe!

You forgot, this Creation is His?

Wore in vain your culotte à l’inverse!!!




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