The useful idiots


The Useful Idiots

April 26, 2019, 11:11


The “useful idiot” is not so useful,

when he discovers he’s the Child of God!

Beware all of us, “idiots useful”,

we stand up front, strong refuse to be trod!


Ja, ja…we know our DNA you’ve doctored,

constricting rings you’ve quenched in our spine!

Beware now! You’ll have to give some answers

for our blood you consume on your dine!


You have forgotten, there is a Creator!

The fruits you rape are His, remember, troll?

His wondrous children are the ones you tortured.

The time has come for you to pay for all.


Adamantins Pleiades 1 Rose Crystalline Grid

Rose Crystalline Grid

Adamantins Pleiades 1





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