Sophia Love

July 22, 2020 3:30 am


It is I, Sophia. It is One.

— Hello. Thank you for coming forward.

Yes, Sophia. There are many subjects to consider. Of primary interest today is the taking over of your cities by your military. This should be mentioned as it is troubling and raises alarm bells for you.

— My children live in one of those cities.

The rise in violence is incited intentionally to take over a sitting government. Remember that. This is a battle, to those who control the planet, and they will not go quietly but have to be stopped. The engagement of federal troops is the stopping necessary.

Some in government who run these cities where the violence is taking hold, are deliberately stepping back. They are either compromised or in full support of the anarchy. Yet, either way, residents in their cities are in danger, potential danger, of physical harm. A strong hand needs to emerge in order to prevent continued violence. The federal troops are that strong hand.

You face a difficult time ahead and it approaches quickly. As you watch mask mandates and violent uprisings, you can see indications of what it entails.

— Note – I am unsure here what was precisely meant by the two references.
There were no images or additional emotions sent other than the increases in both violence and government control. Sophia

You’ll need to maintain a remote view in order to maintain a clear focus.

— Note – Here it was clear that the “remote view” means to see clearly what is really taking place. It’s more than is made public. Sophia

There is panic from a disintegrating power base that once held control (of earth). This is a fight for what they consider to be their property, and (their) rightful place.

Know that it has been done and determined that they are not successful. This is their last stand and they will employ every desperate tactic that they know, in order to disrupt. There is not a great deal of organization, and (also) a vanishing central hand orchestrating movement. What you see are moves from a list of “just in case” scenarios. Desperate attempts.

The overall emotional conclusion now is confusion. The anxiety this causes is off the charts statistically and not helping to inspire health. Emotional and physical health are necessary, as both will support you throughout your Ascension process. Again, do all that you can to maintain an equilibrium, and even inspire peace for each other. You are together travelling and building this road. Maintain an awareness of the goal here – it is Ascension. It is the pot of gold at the end of the storm, and the rainbow image is appropriate.

In order to assist, there are some pointers. These are landmarks that will help to inform you of your progress – your location along the route.

We’ve noted these extreme violent and coordinated outbursts. They will be stopped, but not quickly or simply. Also, not before the next marker emerges. It is an announcement of sorts. And not much detail will be given on its content. Know that when it occurs, you’ll recognize it and say “This is what was foretold.”


Other markers include:

*Further lock-down restrictions

*Attempted medical mandates that do not succeed


*There will be ships in your skies

*There are earth changes on every continent

*The sun chimes in


These are the markers.


— I notice there is no mention of “days of darkness”.

That is because the timing for such a shutdown is unclear.

— Are you offering the list of markers in sequential order then?

There is overlap. But pretty much this looks to be the sequence.

— It is the end of July. How much time are we looking at for these markers?

Months; potentially three to five of them in total.

— So, before year’s end?

It looks to be that way, yes.

— The announcement comes first?

There is overlap. Yet that is the next significant marker.

It is a challenge to remain steady, when there are no truthful public remarks. People are becoming confused, especially when looking to leadership for answers.

Neither side has wavered in their position. You witness moves and counter-moves. Soon though, it becomes very clear what is going on. At that point, you will see a simultaneous sigh of relief and gasp of horror. This moment approaches and unbeknownst to you all – you move into positions and locations for it now.

This will not be too much for most of you to handle. It will unify you as nothing has, and fortify your purpose and group going forward. You’ll see, dear human, you’ll see.

— This announcement is the next marker?


— It must be close then?


— This is frustrating. This not knowing what it concerns.

Know that when it comes, you’ll enjoy full comprehension for why this had to be so. Many stages of your Ascension process demand a suitable arena. That arena must be crystal clear, and transparent for you. It will require a force of built up tension, to clear the place for it. It is this tension you experience now. Yet with each day, it shortens for you.

This force ruling and owning and running the planet is a formidable power. Their time is up. Anything necessary to complete the cycle and clear the path for Gaia’s Ascension will be done. This includes what you would label “divine intervention”, and the probability for that increases. Yet, it remains to be seen.

You will not be harmed. You will be enlightened.
You will not be harmed. You will be enlightened.
You will not be harmed. You will be enlightened.

This is a shift of such monumental proportions, that words will be invented to describe its effect.

You are here to participate in, create and witness this. You are about to be overwhelmed with the synchronicity and the beauty of this moment. For, although some of what awaits you is shocking – not all of it will be that way for negative reasons.

Allay your fears dear human, and do what you can to prepare your body and mind. You will want to approach this next portion with calm, and as much control of your physical life as you can muster.

— Again, it is frustrating; the lack of information on specifics. Even knowing the outcome in a general sense doesn’t alleviate that completely.

It is all part of the process of this physical Ascension. You are not alone or forgotten or witnessing solely an end of things – but a beginning as well. The next marker gives you a clue as to that fact. The fact that there is a beginning here, and that it is a component of all that you see.

— There were some personal comments here…

It’s going to be better than you’ve ever imagined Sophia. There is so much that awaits you. Love, abundance and all of your deepest desires. You’ll see. Stay calm and resolute and connected to your loved ones.

— Okay.

I am complete for now, for today.

We’ll speak again and more specifically.

Goodbye Sophia, my chosen one.

— Thank you. Goodbye.



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