I hope that day…


I Hope That Day…

November 21, 2021, 21:21


And when, one day, turmoil on Earth be done and finished,

when all in rags, exhausted, perceive the Mighty Call

resounding from Heavens, like harpsichords all trembling,

our hearts in tremor touching, and Earth, our Blue Ball…


When that amazing sound, an avalanche of voices

of Higher Realms Archangels, in loving dignity,

will lift us all and save us, for powerful enacting

our Aeons long so wished for, Era of Liberty…


Oh, manifest that moment! Oh, let it be this day!

Let’s go! Let’s jump! Let’s salto in Cosmic heights, all Free!

As Mother Earth, for Aeons, in sacrifice has endured

all hordes of monsters trample, for children her to Be…


Oh, let her turn her axis! Let her restore to Truth!

Let oceans wash all darkness, to nothingness all burnt!

Let, finally, great Mother be cleansed and healed in Love,

for ages long of sufferance, trodden and raped and hurt…


I hope that day’s tomorrow! I hope that day’s today!

Too long took all the struggle, the battles, wars, the fight!…

Exhausted are the masters… But Victory is won!

Straight Home we fly with Gaia, in Higher Realms of Light!




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