We have a planet to save


We Have A Planet To Save

Sunday, December 5, 2021, 15:22


For you hit our Earth in enslavement.

Earth Shan Gaia, the sad, mourning Plane.

You sucked Life-Force from planet and humans,

turning vision and thought all insane!


You evaded the High Realms of Father.

You betrayed Purity and His Love.

Of His Arms you defected His Guidance,

your technology sunk an octave…


Planets His you destructed and ruined.

His magnificent Beings sucked dry!

Never managed create in His Beauty,

only robots, control and comply!


Be you blessed, in the Name of Allmighty!

Poor you, not deserve our hate!

Long has Father command His Archangels,

mightly end Planet Earth monstrous fate!


Meet your planet of void as cavemen.

Purify in the Violet Flame!

Sacred Planet we saved, all His children,

Freedom Victory, we children His claim!









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