Sunday, December 5, 2021, 15:55


FREEDOMsRAY with His Hand He ignited.

Freedom planned He, end the Aeons of pain!…

SuiYama, His God of Creation

led to Victory this all monstrous game!


Over Aeons we came, fight dark evil.

Over Aeons killed, maimed, murdered, smashed.

Monstrous battles we fought through the Aeons,

till we learned our Light Swords to slash!


Not a second He left us alone!

Angels sent he, and Masters in droves…

Crucifixion so gruesome He endured,

teach His children how far evil goes!


FREEDOMsRAY, in full force, He ignited!

FREEDOMsRAY governs now this blessed world!

Learn to laugh, sing and dance, in Joy jumping!…

He ignited our Free Age of Gold!


Oh!…The Aeons of Time…What a marvel!

How magnificent, His Cosmic Great Works!

Let the Grand Universe Celebrations

FREEDOMsRAY magnify for all folks!…




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