Divine Freedom


Divine Freedom

December 7, 2021, 11:07


It is here! Our Divine Freedom is he’!

Shout!!! Trumpet!!! All world up on our feet!

Sleep is over! Great Awakening in a thunderous lightening came!

For Mankind, for Earth, in One wondrous, Divine all Hearts Beat!


The Light Realms sent us Spirit of Truth.

Crystalline clean is Earth, True and Free!

Men and women and children to their Selves are now Newly Reborn,

shocked to Life, Love and Joy, truly so, as God meant us to Be!


Look in you, in your heart, you’ll see Christ shine in radiant Light!

Born in Spirit we are, all His children who fought the Last Fight.

This Great Day, Divine Freedom in full force exploded in us,

in magnificent avalanche, in tsunami huge waves Flood of Light!


Great Awakening only once bursts on Earth.

Blow the Trumpets!!! Beat the drums of New Birth!

For today, Divine Universe celebrates

all Mankind New Birth on New Earth!





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