Let’s shout the Truth!


Let’s Shout The Truth!

December 7, 2021, 18:18


Let’s shout the Truth, all might of our lungs!

Let’s shatter world alive with our might!

Awaken, brother, for we came from God,

to Liberate this world hijacked from Light!


Stand tall again, you mighty Warriors!

Remember why you left the Realms of Light!

Remember you have promised God to win!!!

Win, in full force, this Earth, in glorious Fight!


Let’s amplify our voices all in thunder!

Let’s shout our roar in fierce Lions bond!

Gone are millennia of slaves in sufferance!

Time is ripe now for Freedom Mighty Song!


I see you cry, but crying is abolished.

The Warriors of God are born anew.

In all heroic acts of glorious courage,

they saved this Earth and wondrous sky so blue…


So let us shout the Truth of God, full power!

Let’s open brothers hearts to glorious Light!

We saved this Earth in Aeons long of battles,

God’s Lions, roar our Joy of won last Fight!




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