until the end of times…


Until The End Of Times…

December 11, 2021, 22:55

Until the End of Times

will I swim in that Beauty…

A Beauty never seen, never felt…


Beauty You will birth me,

and sculpt. form, and shape me,

in Your Sacred Geometry knelt…


I will exude such Beauty,

such Happy, Joy pure,

that Your worlds will be flooded and sink,


In Your oceans of Beauty,

filling all Space with laughter,

giving Your Stars ans Suns all to drink…


For I’ll send back, in Wonder

all that magnified Beauty,

of Your loving and kind Embrace,


Sink all Your worlds in Beauty,

by the hands of The Master,

mesmerized by Your Mercy and Grace…


Happiness will I send You,

till the End of no Times…

To rejoice in the Love of Your deeds,


In Your Infinite Wonder,

from a minuscule child,

singing thankfulness chant of all creeds…


I will not cease to send You

that great Joy of my heart,

dancing happy the Cosmos of Thine,


So You know that I Love You,

in the Beauty You gave me,

celebrating till no Ends of Time!




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