Oh, how monstrous, you monsters all are!


Oh, How Monstrous, You Monsters All Are!

November 13, 2021, 17:17


You are probably proud, of destruction you do!

You find yourself oh, so mighty!

If you had an idea of the swamp you burn in,

and how sure you drown in it slightly…


By now you still think you are present on Earth.

But oh, gone you are from this plane!

You just left some dead clones and some puppets pretend,

with false silicon masks on your crane…


Our millions children you tortured and killed!!!…

With your monstrous, large gorges you drunk,

to steal our DNA, human adrenochrome,

our Life Force of humans to tank…


How long, do you think, Our Father still endures,

unconceivable monstrous your ways?…

Oh, you’ve gone much too far, His Laws monstrously trampled,

from long Cycles, too monstrous old days!…


Hear you, monsters dark, Swords of Light slashed today

all your heads and your octopus line!

Into nothingness melt, dissolved in Cosmos void,

uncreated forever through time!!!




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