November 11, 2021, 11:11


We come this Day and join all as One.

Eleven Eleven is The Liberation!

All 12 Constellations celebrate Freedom now,

united all as One in Free Unification!


You maybe further go and do your errands.

You maybe further brumble through the world…

You notice not, all Universe is changing,

while Freedom Songs around Worlds unfold!


For long the Prophets told us watch the changes.

So long, their words got lost through generations…

But Trumpets mighty Freedom Song now sound,

that passionate Freedom Song of Liberation!


The Fight of Aeons have the Warriors won!

How many Heroes died, for us to Be?…

Let Trumpets blow the Day of Liberation!

Let Constellations Celebrate The Free!


Forever shall this Day our all hearts warming!

Forever Trumpets Freedom Day shall ring!

Free Universe of Christ shall lighten Aeons,

while Humans, Angels, Freedom Song will sing!…




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