I Hear From You


I Hear From You


I hear from You, You are leaning

towards us, children Thine, on this plane,

lost in Space and in Time, in Your Cosmos,

to bless us with new Life and new fame…


I do hear from You, to awaken,

to be ready for Blessings of Thine,

for the dark Times You close, and You, Gracious,

lift Your children in Mercy Divine.


I do hear from You, all is ready,

all Your Stars, and Your Sons, and Your Hosts

sanctify all mankind, our planet,

after eons, we in Cosmos seemed lost!


There is great an Alignment, I hear,

our lives, oh, so precious to Thee,

an enlightenment, blitz of Your lightning,

will receive, in our Being to Be!


I do feel all Your Love and Your magic!

How You smile, we reached that at last!

After eons and eons of battle,

and of wars, and of fight, through long past!…


In Your arms You are holding me, Father,

in Your Love You are holding me Be!

To be ready, I hear, Your wonders

in three days, You align, to be Me!






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