A mount of courage


A Mount Of Courage


A mount of courage it takes man to even come here.

All the splendors of Heaven you valiantly leave, and you go.

Father gives you all Angels and helpers to hold you around,

yet, yourself, in the densest of death and turmoil you throw.


O, how sweet, all the nectar of the Heavens behind!

O, how sweet, in the arms of the Father eternally be!…

All nectar of Heavens, courageously, you leave behind,

to descend on Earth prison, to help all your loved ones get free!


Great courage it takes to a child, to even come here.

When I talk to my Father and tell Him how hard is this all,

feel Him lovingly look far beyond my complaining,

for He knows who I am, and the Victor He knows will not fall!





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