For You Are Born A Free


For You Are Born A Free


For you are born a free, from Beginnings!

Like your Father in Heavens, on High!  

In His image, a Lightfull Creation,

to live joyful and never to die.


Where are you now, little human?

What the monsters have done onto you?

How you lost your exuberance, child,

Father meant you to laugh, and be true?


Wondrous planet you walk, from Creator.

In immeasurable Love He gave you.

You are free on your planet from Father,

just to Be and enjoy, breathe sky blue.


Don’t you now have enough of the raptors?

How long still, on your neck heavy yoke?

Now they put you a muzzle, like chattle!

You still sleep! Can’t you see, it’s a joke?


I see you in lockdown, like sheeple.

Brave, docile, vegetating at home!

With your elders so wise and so dear,

slowly killed under hospitals dome…


Of a sudden, a spy is your neighbour.

Monsters walk streets to give you a fine!

Where’s your dignity, poor enslaved child,

lead to slaughter, with no guilt, nor crime!


When the Trumpeter speaketh, awaken!

When he utters the Truth, listen well!

Smash the enemy, hidden or unseen,

and in full force just send him to hell!









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