Gaia Portal, April 20, 2020


Gaia Portal Message

April 20, 2020



Deserets are encompassed.

Florets are embraced.

President Donald J. Trump Is Honoring His Commitment to Protect American Workers by Temporarily Pausing Immigration

Light touches are enabled.

In the greatest Mission of rescuing the poor, poor stolen human children, kept by the dark in cages, underground, our Military was supported by the Forces of the Light.

The Children of Light are rescued.

A most significant double meaning, in full force: The Children of God, in Gaia and all of Nebadon Universe are rescued from dark and darkness forever. And, the Children of God, monstrously abused, in cages, in dark underground bases, are rescued by Military.

This is why Gaia Portal message came so late, to report this crucial Mission, right when accomplished.



√ČirePort | April 20, 2020 at 8:20 pm

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