From Long A Distance


From Long A Distance


From long a distance, you could see

the purity of souls,

in waving sounds, crystalline,

divine music of bowls.


From long a distance, their Light,

in purity vibrating,

caressing was, my birth to Earth,

in loving arms awaking.


What choice was that? How Father put

all Angels me around,

to land in Love, in Joy and chant,

when gently touched the ground?


An Angel group, in loving hum,

me lullaby, all singing,

received me small, these Angels all,

in loving Father’s bidding.


Such insignificant a place, 

hamlet small at worlds ending;

a source to drink, a field to dance,

and Angels laugh and singing.


From distance long, I saw their Lights,

and their cheers, winking.

A life I needed, Father’s Act

to see, and Angel’s bidding!


Tehuti, Son from Father’s arms

in Angels arms descending,

bring Golden Tides to Father’s Kin,

in cheers, Love and Blessing!


Tehuti, Son of Morning Rays,

on Universes riding,

bring Golden Times, and Blessings Tide

to Father’s cherished kind!















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