Let’s There Be Light!

  Let’s There Be Light!   . . Portals . Portals / schrödingersothercat.blog . . . . . . . schrödingersothercat.com   . schrödingersothercat.com schrödingersothercat.com . April 28, 2020, scrödingersothercat.com May 7/8, 2020, Big portals, schrödingersothercat.com .

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Gaia Portal, April 14, 2020

Gaia Portal Message April 14, 2020     Sportif clients are emburdened as they carry their loads. Help has arrived. Dissolutions create their vortices. Dark is dissolved in full force down the sewage. Navigators with skills enroute their vessels. Christ Michael Celestial Fleet approaches Earth. Fortunates are boarded upon the ships. Brothers of Earth and […]

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For, believe…

  For, Believe…   For, believe, you can’t fathom, how dramatic these times, the proportion of battles, wars galactic in size!    You just fuss of false values,  waste your life to complain of a godsend, a hero, you can’t see, but you blame!   Silly you, and so stupid, with your blinders on eyes, […]

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It Is As If

  It Is As If   It is as if You pull us by the crest, from this enormous dungeon deep, they turned Your wondrous globe, You gifted us, to love and cherish, as invaders raped and burned.   I feel Your gently hand, all picking us, indeed the sleepy, heavy ones by crest, and […]

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On Tiny Dot Gaia

  On Tiny Dot Gaia April 9, 2020, 23:33   On Tiny Dot Gaia we count the seconds. On Tiny Dot Gaia Time goes far too slow. On Tiny Dot Gaia we age through the eons and cannot escape with a bow.   On Paradise Isle thousand days make a second. Eternity keeps you from […]

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You’ll Not Believe It

  You’ll Not Believe It   You’ll not believe it, but the TIME has stopped. Eternity reigns now on Tiny Dot.   Don your white robe. Let your shoes at the door. Where you step now, is pure, Divine floor.   With pure heart, enter now your new birth. And thank your Trumpeter for your […]

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With the Heart of the Earth

  With The Heart Of The Earth   With the heart of the Earth am I feeling. With the Heart of the Earth in a bond. When I cry all day long and feel sadness, feel like fish dyeing all in their pond…   There are thousands of thousands of children, in the bowels of […]

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