For, believe…


For, Believe…


For, believe, you can’t fathom,

how dramatic these times,

the proportion of battles,

wars galactic in size! 


You just fuss of false values, 

waste your life to complain

of a godsend, a hero,

you can’t see, but you blame!


Silly you, and so stupid,

with your blinders on eyes,

going where slavers push you,

wickedly, where he drives!


They are monsters who hate you.

Steal your babes, drink their blood!

Oh, the Father in Heavens

needs to send a new flood!


For they took all your values,

and your Holiness, all,

but you barf at your hero,

while they mock you and crawl…


Oh, believe, you can’t fathom,

you, my brother brainwashed!

That the TRUTH is all here,

dark is mightily crushed!









2 thoughts on “For, believe…

  1. I am asking that you realize there are many “boots on the ground” that have know the TRUTH for many years. We are suffering heinous atrocities, being directly guided by The Christ, The Messiah. To send such a condescending message to both those awake, and thos still sleeping is not Holy. You should realize that you have a much more cushy mission than some if us warriors embodied.
    Please, please, honor and respect us, and tell us how much you love us. Support us. Don’t mock us.
    We need each other on equal ground. I as this in the Name Of Lord Jesus the Christos, the Messiah.


    1. In the Name of Jesus, the Christ of God, I can assure you of my LOVE and highest respect for you and all the Warriors in the Light! See, such a tone was needed, to shatter a bit those refusing to see the Truth!
      Rest assured, it was not for you.
      Please receive lots of Blessings of Light and Healing, and my whole love –


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