It Is As If


It Is As If


It is as if You pull us by the crest,

from this enormous dungeon deep, they turned

Your wondrous globe, You gifted us, to love

and cherish, as invaders raped and burned.


I feel Your gently hand, all picking us,

indeed the sleepy, heavy ones by crest,

and take Your little ones from this abyss,

to life and safety at Your loving chest.


Forgive me, Father, if I cry again.

I’m tired, at this journey’s final end.

Too much the pain…the suffering…It’s You

my last and only hope, I lastly tend.


Astronomers detect supernova so powerful it was previously thought IMPOSSIBLE


Supernovae could be bombarding Earth with COSMIC ‘BULLETS’ travelling at 3,000km a second, scientists warn






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