Proud are we of our idiot fusses


Proud Are We, of Our All Idiot Fusses


Proud are we, of our all idiot fusses.

Big our mouth, innocent to insult, hurt and slander.

Right on birth, rush they shoot in us their concoctions,

to make sure, we dumbed down and lose mind and gender.


Care they take, in the school we get dumber and dumber.

Arrogance are we taught, pompous egos confuse that with Freedom.

We get license to kill, to deceive and to harm our brothers,

with no chance, we sheep hear of God or of His Divine Kingdom.


Shall I openly say, we are slaves but we have no idea?

How they kidnap our children and drink their blood, eat flesh tender?

Oh, my brothers, awake! For all Angels and Trumpeter sound,

Easter Sunday is here! Resurrected we lift in full Splendor!


The invisible enemy.





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