With the Heart of the Earth


With The Heart Of The Earth


With the heart of the Earth am I feeling.

With the Heart of the Earth in a bond.

When I cry all day long and feel sadness,

feel like fish dyeing all in their pond…


There are thousands of thousands of children,

in the bowels of Earth, kept in cage!

They are slaves to the dark beasts and monsters,

day and night raped and tortured on stage!


They are bred to be murdered and eaten!

Their blood is all sucked by the rich!

There are monsters, oppressors of humans,

underground, in water, on beach…


Our Sun is too strong for the monsters.

Light of God would be punishing them.

In the darkness of tunnels, they hiding,

bloody orgies with children they stem.


Speedy tunnels, from one head to other

of the Earth, do they travel and sell

our babes for flesh, blood, and for snuffing,

their life-force they drinking as well!!!…


Innocent, we had never discovered!

Credulous, never searching the Earth.

On eight levels, their bases and cities,

keep our children they’ve stolen from birth!


Ask me not why I’m bitterly crying.

Fathers, mothers, who know, cannot sleep!

Ages long in enslavement and sufferance,

and abused humans, all in the deep…


We stand all on the shores of the battle.

Valiant, Rubicon to be crossed.

In the Armor of God, all united,

our precious will save from dark dross!



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