He Plays with me, like Children


He Plays With Me, Like Children


He plays with me, like children

would jump and laugh and sing,

and find rhymes, and music,

to celebrate the spring!


He plays with me in Glory, 

His laughter flowing free,

with butterflies, in murmur

with sweetest buzzing bee…


He sings in me, His magic

fills humble heart with glee,

in Heavens high, me lifting,

remembering I’m free!…


Like children is He playing, 

imbibes my soul in glee,

and when I cry, He tells me,

eternally I’m free!…


My heart, I burst it open,

His gentle tone to hear,

how lovingly He murmurs

His magic in my ear…


Primroses are all shining,

blooming all cherry-trees,

and I see Him in all this,

and loveliness of bees…


A Life and Vibrance lesson

His Presence sweet gives me!

He plays with me, like children,

immersed in magic be…






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