Ah, no idea have you…


Ah, No Idea Have You…


Ah, no idea have you,

and never would you dream

the miracle, that Father

answers to our scream!


Ah, never you’ll imagine,

how His eternal Love

will stretch His arms, us save to

His chest in worlds above!


Ah, centuries be running,

and bards will play and sing

eternally, the wonders 

His ways did Freedom bring…


For earth in morass dyeing,

we, pushed to drown in pain,

were dead and lost, and never

hoped to revive again…


The Prison Planet were we,

the Planet of the Cross!…

Son of God crucified,

by monsters darkest dross!


Away our souls were stolen,

for blood and flesh exchanged,

our children and the youngest,

slaves feed for the deranged!


And now you think it’s over?

Escape your crimes, to try?

The Father of all Being,

Mightiest God, to lie?


Ah, no idea have you,

which overwhelming act,

in mighty storm and thunder,

our Father will react!


Ah, never you’ll imagine!

Too short your feel and see.

How worlds and skies will tremble,

by Saviour’s sword and Be!





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