You have no means to grasp

  You Have No Means To Grasp   You have no means to grasp all the Works of My Father! Nor conceive will you ever Acts of Heavenly Brother!   You can fetch some ideas. You can sing some good creeds. How — I ask you, you’ll journey to the core of His Deeds?   […]

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Thanks God!

  Thanks God!   Thanks God! There is a Father of Love, Who can save us right when we think we’re lost!   For He only  knows our eons of Fights, cruel battles and wars, we have fought at all cost!   It was He, Who has healed our wounds, Who has wiped our tears holding […]

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I want to say so much!

  I Want To Say So Much! May 22, 2020, 11:00   I want to say so much! I want say it so greatly! I want burst all expressions, to be able to paint it!   Oh, the words are too shallow! Words are short, words are small… How will I ever picture, FREEDOM’s New […]

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Is the Trumpet of Freedom

  Is The Trumpet of FREEDOM   Is the Trumpet of Freedom. In all eons to come, never ever you’ll find such an Act, perfect done!   This unique Act of Freedom! In all records you’ll see,  such magnificence, second, will not possibly be!   For this Act is of Father. In eternal His Love, […]

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Many call it Ascension

  Many Call It Ascension   Many call it Ascension. Is the lesson now learned? His sweet Son He was sending to teach Earth, how returned.   It’s a great day in Heavens. It’s a great day for man. Eons fight, all Creation giving all. Not in vain!   The Ascension is ours. All these […]

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This is the count down

  This Is The Count Down May 22, 2020   This is the count down of the last count down. Gordian Knot is dismantled. Man got rid of mad clown.   In thirteen days it’s over. Get up early, to be. Universals, Galactics, stretch the hands to get thee.   But above all, it’s Father. […]

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Gaia Portal, May 19, 2020

  Gaia Portal Message May 19, 2020     Jubilations of the Planet engage the keylocks. Jubilation can only burst when Gaia & Man liberated! The keylocks are the Portals towards the Universe, which gloriously open now, as Divine Order demands. Castles open. The many Mansions of God, dark abused us from reaching. Darkness to […]

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The Final Transition

  The Final Transition Aluna Joy May 15, 2020 .   This unexpected time is the dawning. This is the beginning of a great dismantling. Obsolete consciousness is being dissolved. Duality is deliberately cancelling itself out. All of creation is being cleared to create a new vessel. The new world template is now being envisioned […]

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