New Jerusalem

  New Jerusalem   5,000-YEAR-OLD NYC-STYLE METROPOLIS UNCOVERED IN NORTHERN ISRAEL   By Rossella Tercatin, published on The Jerusalem Post, on October 7, 2019 Aerial photograph of the excavation site, Ein Assur, northern Israel. (ASSAF PEREZ / ISRAEL ANTIQUITIES AUTHORITY) . Terran Cognito: Does Stan X know anything about this ancient city? Stan X: TERRAN. […]

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The talented Mr Putin

  The Talented Mr Putin   Sep 12, 2013 , a twitter meme ‘Bears here, bears there’: Putin says he almost got SURROUNDED in Russian wilderness 7 Dec, 2018  Brown bear, Russian President Vladimir Putin, Sputnik / Alexei Nikolsky . Putin hiking & driving off-road in Siberian mountains  6 Oct, 2019  . Putin and Defense Minister […]

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To bring us back our Hope

  To Bring Us Back Our Hope   To bring us back our hope, it took a while… In shock we took our heads in hands, to cry!   How many children,  God had to be seeing, being killed, when shouting out to the sky?   Imagine! Just imagine Angel’s Trumpets! Imagine child surviving shot […]

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While the World turned

  While the World Turned October 6, 2019, 12:12   While the world turned a vicious shot was screaming! It reached the Heights and all the hearts have stopped!   The wickedness was giving monsters laughter, while Hope and Truth and Love in mankind chopped!   When Heavens heard our Gaia mighty screaming, all armies […]

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The Perfect Victory

  The Perfect Victory October 6, 2019, 11:17   The Perfect Victory is when you and i are One.   IS when YOU and we are ONE.   The Perfect Victory is Our Perfect Unity in HIM!   We as ONE manifest now Our Perfect Victory on Earth!   Let’s shout Our Joy around the […]

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