What, If TomorroW’S Gone?


What, If Tomorrow’s Gone?

September 4, 2022, 23:23


What, if tomorrow’s gone and never comes?

What, if at once Earth Mother makes a leap?

What, if her Quantum Jump hits an Octave

in warp speed, quick resound of a beep?…


You see the Sun, in mighty Labour caught…

Turmoil moves mankind in big waves.

Atlantis mountains burst the ocean floor,

and still demented man for money craves…


What, if this night your frequencies all change,

in metamorphosis you turn to Light,

remember you are just Eternal Love,

and see, at once, you won Eternal Fight?…


Oh, yes! A spark of Light Divine you are!

Tomorrow shall disintegrate in space…

The TIME shall vanish, and with Freedom wings,

your butterfly his birthing flight shall face!








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