Learned Love


Learned Love

Sunday, September 4, 2022, 14:44


Learned Love from The Father Himself.

From His butterfly, ladybird, bee.

He taught me to live Love, breathe in all His Love,

and to dance, all my life, to be Free!…


Being Love, touch all Heavens in marvelous flight.

Meet His Wonders all over the space!

I eat Love and I drink Elixir of His Love,

gulping Life Force with His spoon of Grace!


Love, His Essence, is pulsing all Light to be seen.

Reigns in Wonders and Marvels of Heart…

In His Harmony, hover like falcon in skies,

sing and dance Sphere Music of barth…


Heart of Man cannot live, if Divine Love is not.

All existence is bathed in His Grace!

Love breaks limits and grows when you give and not save,

for its Source springs in Father’s Embrace!




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