We Cannot Put Together


We Cannot Put Together

September 3rd, 2022, 23:11


We cannot put together one and one! Have you seen?

Have you ever examined our state?

Of course not, for the answers concocted are all,

cooked and baked, served all ready to ate!


Gone are all our minds! But we can’t see it more,

we are all handicapped, empty box!

We can’t reason, conclude, we have lost our skills,

we were borne, thinking quick like a fox!


See around: The problems have engulfed us to death!

We can’t solve anything any more!…

Our thinking is lame, we are stupid like night,

and can’t see how to get off the floor…


Shut your mouth! Stop pretending! Finish silly blah-blah,

on our way to the slaughter, in vain…

Better look in your heart, and for God’s sake, remember,

Who’s our Father, and where from we came!!!…




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