Good, We discover…


Good, We Discover…

September 3rd, 2022, 21:21


Good, we discover, vaccines are all kill shots,

AFTER toddlers and babies have died!…

Brave Americans, we, such exceptional folk,

swallow docile what the monsters us lied!…


Good, to discover, frantic pull our hair,

when our sportlers fall dead on the spot!…

Healthy doctors, and children, our glorious youth,

as if world was rejected by God!…


For our reason is gone, our mind disrupted…

All dumbed down by Wizard TV!

With subliminal pulses, subtle Gama hid waves,

stand in line to get all jabbed for free!…


Let’s keep dying! So smart, our killers praise us,

we, the brave, turn to zombies so fine!!!…

Far too late we’ll discover, how graphene murdered all

Sons of God, loving Hearts all Divine!…




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