And In Full Faith


And In Full Faith

September 1st, 2022, 23:44


We call to the Heavens,

united as One.

In power, Your Masters, we call!


Your boots on the ground,

Your Elders, Your Sage,

in service on Gaia Blue Ball…


There’s a well known saying,

no more than can bear,

are we given the missions on Earth.


Yet, the Darkness Empire

drastic broke this God’s Law!

In grave danger is Mankind Rebirth!


When God Aton and Christos

our misery see,

overwhelm even devil intent,


Shows how brutal Lie reigns,

evil grown over board,

in horrific deceit Truth was bent!


We do call to the Heavens!

Father, Strike the Great Chord,

of all Souls with missions on Earth!


For God’s Law was betrayed!

Divine Justice Supreme

shall Restore Truth! Ignite man Rebirth!




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