Such Savage Lust!


Such Savage Lust!

September 12, 2022, 14:22


Such savage Lust I have, for savage Joy!

To jump a salto in the high Octave!

Comme un Gryphon to shout and shake all Clusters,

and Freedom celebrate, from all above!


Such Lust I have, for Purity and Beauty!

To hear laughter from all children Heart!

A Flight of Happiness to launch, all over

this New, Saved Earth, a Happy Life to start!!!…


Oh, Angels, Masters, Brothers of all Heavens!

Descend in Happiness on this New Earth!

Embrace us children, trodden, slain and murdered,

and mighty celebrate our New Rebirth!!!…


A savage Lust for Joy imbues my Soul!

Yes, it was worth to come, and slash, and fight!

The innocent are saved. All Earth rejoices,

in savage Joy, and Purity, and Light!




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