September 14, 2022, 11:11


Devastated… seeing you cannot hear!

Devastated… seeing you cannot see!

Innocent, poor you, all Gaia’s children,

brave you are now, where they want you be!


What bunch of idiots, your mighty teachers!

Your language they reduced to f*ck and s*it!

In vain, we mothers, scream our pain to Heavens…

You’re deaf and blind… and cannot grok a bit!


Reap off those blinders!… precious children ours!

We are a world of slaves, to death enslaved!

Your Heart Alive, your bond Divine to Father

they killed in you, in massive deadly jab!


I’d wish you know again you came from Heaven!!!

I’d wish you know again you come from Him!!!

Or, do you think, the zombies and the robots,

could ever be His Sons, His Divine Kin???


To hell with teacher yours, enslaving masters!!!

To hell with monsters drinking children blood!!!

Grab Swords of Light, in Full Force, Sons of Daughters!

Release The Flood of TRUTH, Earth cleansing Flood!




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