Our Children We Lose


Our Children We Lose

September 14, 2022, 12:22


Our children we lose, right in front our noses!

Wake up, all the parents, all mothers and dads!

To death they inject us, hijack our Souls,

and plan still monstrous boosters and jabs!!!


We slept Aeons too long, wake up now from your slumber!

STOP! the massacre of all men on Earth!

Wake up now! For mankind will have no tomorrow,

if we miss this our God planned Rebirth!


Don’t they jab our babies right after they’re born?

And again the six months of life?

Don’t our babes then gets sick, handicapped, and then die???

Can’t you see, we’re all stabbed with a knife???


Know: A Human and Child Colony

are we all, to provide flesh and blood!…

Stop! then wonder, our Soldiers and Armies of God

undergrounds explode, and then flood!


In a comfort Hypnosis you all watch TV,

snoring deep, all brainwashed and dumb down!…

Notice not, you’re in cage, they made prison of Earth,

and you still play their game, stupid clown?


I blow trumpets out loud, shout Star Fleets in space,

call to Father to strike the Great Chord!!!…

Manifest Your great Plan for Salvation in NOW,

save us all on your Phoenix aboard!


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